By Courtney Hughett
Nancy Steiner, who is in her second year as Martin County Auditor, was born and raised in Washington and graduated from Washington High School. Nancy's parents are Floyd Taylor and Nancy Taylor Stockbine. Her dad had his own construction company doing roofing and remodeling until he became disabled in the late 1970s. He passed away in 1996. Her mom taught at Jefferson School until it closed and then she was transferred to Lena Dunn where she taught for 32 years. She retired early to care for Nancy's dad when he became ill in 1995. Nancy's step-dad is Bill Strockbine.
Nancy has three sisters who are all employed with the Washington Community School system. Rae Ann Brown has been in the school system for 43 years. She has been the treasurer for the athletic department since 1985. Sandy Burris has taught special education for 25 years at Lena Dunn. This coming fall she will begin at North Elementary. Linda "Susie" Bresh has been at the high school 28 years and is the English chairperson and yearbook advisor.
Nancy has three grown children. Michael Russell, Jr., 36, is currently serving in Afghanistan and will be coming back to the states in September. He's a career Air Force Master Sergeant and his wife, Cari, and their two children, who Nancy describes as "precious", Aubrey, 13, and Michael, 12, are waiting for him at their home in Oklahoma where he is stationed at Tinker Air Force Base. Nancy's second oldest son is Jonathan Russell, 35, who moved to Martin County this past February and is living in a house out on the Lark Ranch. Jonathan just completed a training seminar with Country Mark and works at White River Co-Op. He drives the fuel, feed, and LP trucks and is enjoying Martin County. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. Summer Russell, 33, Nancy's youngest, moved back to Indiana from New York five years ago and lives near Winslow. She works in Jasper. Nancy said, "She keeps telling me her pets are my other 'grandchildren'; I'm not so sure about that." Nancy says that Summer is big into scrapbooking and she believes she has enough supplies to start her own store.
Nancy didn't enter the workforce until her children were older and in school. She began when the family moved in 1985 to Greenville, South Carolina. "My first position was quite diversified and interesting," Nancy said. She worked for the Public Safety Department over the Workman's Compensation claims. "I was trained on all types of guns (rifles, pistols, etc.) and was licensed as a South Carolina Law Enforcement officer with a concealed weapon endorsement," she said. One day there was an accident on Wade Hampton Boulevard in front of Nancy's office. Nancy said she ran out immediately and started helping with a lady who was injured and even rode in the back of the ambulance to the hospital and stayed with her until her parents arrived. "Apparently, that impressed the director, he then sent me to EMT training," she said. 
A few years later she attended and graduated from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. This is where Nancy's two sons graduated from - Ash Grove High School. While attending classes, she also had a part-time job as a typesetter and proofreader for The Bible Baptist Tribune, a monthly magazine that was published by the college. The magazine even published a couple of articles Nancy had written. Dr. James Comb, her editor, published a book and mentioned Nancy on the dedication page for helping with it. "That was an honor," she said. She then switched positions and started working in the college's registrar's office being over the correspondence school and tape ministry. While in college, Nancy was on the Dean's list each semester, the National Who's Who among Colleges, graduated in Missions with minors in Business and Children's Ministries and finished with a 3.75 GPA. "Looking back, I know the Lord had to have been with me during those five years," she said.
After that, Nancy was in the insurance business for approximately twelve years. Before becoming auditor for Martin County, she had her own agency in Washington for almost five years. She received the Life Underwriting Training Council Fellowship (LUTCF) degree from The American College and was licensed in property/casualty and life/health insurance.
Nancy said she wanted to be Martin County's Auditor because she moved to the county in 2007 and wanted it to be her home - where she lived and worked.
She said that she plans to run for the office again. "I enjoy this position…most of the time…and get personal satisfaction when I, or my deputies, are able to help other Martin Countians," she said. The work load was a surprise to her and she said it seems like every aspect of the county and courthouse touches the auditor's office in some way.
When asked what an average day is like in her office, Nancy said that there is really no average day. She said she has different deputies specializing in areas to be more effective. "There is no way I could know every aspect of auditor," she said. Nancy said that her office has hardworking personnel who she feels are very much under paid. "We are ranked 86 out of 92 counties as being the lowest paid. These positions are very important to the welfare of Martin County and the wages should reflect that more," she said.
January Roush does accounts receivable and payable and administers the grant monies. January Roush is Nancy's First Deputy and has been there for six years. She is married to Danny Roush and has two small sons Dalton and Carter who Nancy says love sports.
Brenda Hendrix does payroll, tax sales, personal property, and deeds. Brenda Hendrix is Nancy's next deputy and has been there for four years. She is married to Steve Hendrix and has one son, Damien Englert, who will be heading to the Culinary Arts Institute in August.
Margaret Wilcher works two days a week and does deeds and transfers. Nancy hired Margaret when she took office in January. Margaret is part-time and is married to Gerald Wilcher. Nancy hired Audrey Sorrells a few weeks ago to help with the pink slips the state has required for homestead verification. Audrey is a student at Shoals High School.
Nancy said she is currently working on 2011 budgets and interfacing with the assessor. "I go from state report to state report it seems," she said. "There is never a lull in this department. I work directly with the commissioners and council and report to them and they have always been a pleasure to work with, I might add."
As far as training Nancy said that there are two auditors' conferences each year which are very informative for her. While there, she networks with other county auditors and says they learn quite a bit from each other. There are also two Association of Indiana Counties conferences each year which also helps Nancy. The Indiana Auditors' Association, of which Nancy is currently Vice President, for the Southwest District, strives to provide training quarterly. Last week, they provided Excel training on the IU Campus. "I try to go to every training session available. The more training, the better I will be able to serve Martin County," Nancy said.
Nancy said her favorite part of her position is when she feels like she really is catching on and learning. "The first year was a nightmare," she said. "I am the type of person who likes to know what I'm doing and why. I didn't know anything the first year; I am so grateful I have good deputies." 
Nancy said her least favorite part of her job is when she feels like she is not accomplishing her purpose on a specific report or she just doesn't quite understand why or how to do it. "Thankfully, this is happening less and less," she said. "This sounds terrible, but everyone who commented, even other auditors, told me I was crazy to run for auditor. It's a tough job and the other auditors said it takes years to get comfortable in this position. I don't think anyone encouraged me…oh, well, here I am!" she said.
Nancy thinks Martin County is a great county to live in. "Hindostan Falls is my very favorite place when the river is down and I can walk on the rock and imagine the grist mill and town thriving there. Martin County is beautiful in the spring with all of the red buds and flowering trees; in the summer I love the canopies of trees over US Highway 150; in the fall, it is no less beautiful than Brown County; and in the winter when the snow or ice is on the trees, it is absolutely awesome," she said.
On a final note Nancy said, "I am privileged to be the Martin County Auditor and will strive to do the best I can for the citizens of Martin County. My door is always open to answer questions or help any resident of Martin County."
Nancy is involved in the following organizations: Local Advisory Board for The Learning Center, the committee to help start the United Way in Martin County, Samaritan Center Advisory Board, ACCTS-Area Churches honoring Christ Together in Service, Vice President of the Southwest District of the Indiana Auditors' Association, Chairman for the Martin County Daffodil Days for the American Cancer Society and a member of the Martin County Chamber of Commerce and the K of C Auxiliary.

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